August (and Everything After)

So, July didn’t got as well as I had hoped.  I lost the editing string, but I’m determined to pick it up again.  Really, I think learning how to do that is more important than learning how to edit; I will lose motivation and get lost in my stories, but if I am at all serious about being a writer I have to learn how to reapply myself.

Someone wise once said that quitting smoking isn’t something that you do once, but that you do every day until the habit is gone.  I feel like this is kind of a similar opposite to that; it’s not something that I will commit to once and then stick with, but commit to again every day.

So, now for that committing thing for the day :-P.

I have 32 chapters needing editing (major or minor) but not a complete rewrite.  I have six scenes needing a complete rewrite, and one or two additional scenes to write.  This month, if I stick to my goals, and since I want to get this in the hands of my lovely beta readers, sooner would be better.

For now, I will set my finishing goal as the 25th.  That puts me at roughly 1.5 chapters a night, including the additional scenes and major rewrites.  Doable?  Yes.  Now just to get it done.

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