April Intentions

As I posted, March was not a very good month for writing and I.  We didn’t see eye to eye, I got overwhelmed with what I had to do with the story I wanted to work on, and have ended up deciding that editing that story is not for me, at least for now.  (I still plan on editing this year, I just need to wait a few months first)

Well, that clears my writing schedule up rather completely over the next few months, as I hadn’t planned on anything but Serious Editing Business.  So, partly to prove to myself that I can, partly to improve with practice, and partly for the reckless (and hopefully wreck-less) abandon of it, I’m going to write another story.

It has zombies and superheroes and insanity, oh my.

But it’s also a chance for me to work better on how I write.  I don’t mean in the details, but in the larger picture.  I’m a pantser, and I will always be a pantser (and resent the notion that the only way to write is detailed planning – there are plenty of examples of successful and good writers that do not plan), but that’s mostly with regards to plot.  Plot I cannot plan, but other things I can, and perhaps should.

Characters, for instance.  I have to know who I am starting with, and where they are starting.  I spend time setting that up, and then zoom through watching how it falls.  It’s a little chaotic, but I trust my subconscious more than conscious mind for direction (which is really the difference between pantsers and planners).

While that has worked out okay in the past (on 2/3 fully written novels), I think I need a skoosh more feedback (which I mean in more of an engineering sense).  So this time I’m going to try using yWriter (thanks for the rec, Raq!) to track characters, themes, and the like. I don’t know how well it will work, or exactly how I will use it, but I’m hoping for something that keeps me a bit more on track, without spoiling the mystery of where I’m going (I usually have a destination in mind, but not a path, and finding that is the fun).

So this month I start (again (again)) Survivors, hopefully to finish by the end of May, but more likely mid-June (it will be a longer story).  If it sucks when it’s done, I hope it’s at least a learning experience.  My being a relatively new author is an excuse that is starting to lose potency, so it’s about time to see some modest gains, I think.

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