April CampNaNo Retrospective

Yes, I realize that this is a few days late, considering that it’s already the 3rd of May.  Then again, judging by the frequency with which I update this blog nowadays, it could easily be June before I finally got around to this.

No lie, April CampNaNo was a struggle.  I started off wanting to do a rewrite of a story that I wrote most of during the previous NaNo, with a lofty goal of 75k.  Neither of those survived contact with reality, and I ended up just trying to finish my NaNo work and get 20k.

Which, I did.  To both.  But holy hell was it a struggle.

The Bad:

For at least half the days in the month, I wrote less than 200 words.  It was probably more than that; I wrote a third of my total words in the last two days, as a last-ditch effort to not lose.  What I wrote isn’t going to win any awards, certainly not in its current form (hello, editing!), and I know there are some rough transitions as I gather myself.

The Good:

I wrote every day of the month, even if it wasn’t much.  I rarely even do that during NaNo.  I finished the book.  The ending scene or two, while structurally rough, has all the right ideas in it that sum up the rest of the book (as it should have been written). And I did all of that with a rather busy other schedule, meaning that I might have a chance of balancing writing with my other pursuits (something that I’ve been rather bad at).

So where does this leave me?  Ignoring writing this month.  I have a big push this month on another project that I’m on, and then I can turn my thoughts back to writing.  I need to give the story a break anyhow, but don’t want to start a new one right now.

What I really want to do is come back to this one and edit it.  Which is, no lie, nothing short of terrifying, mostly because I haven’t the faintest idea how to edit, unless staring at your work with a mix of loathing and horror counts (spoiler alert! it doesn’t).

But I am going to figure it out, and reshape the story into something perhaps presentable to other writers, at the very least.  Something that, while not polished or even good, is at least not an embarrassment.  Because that’s the next step between where the manuscript is now and it actually being “done”.

So June will see quite a bit of editing activity for me, with some higher-level structural work, and I may use July’s CampNaNo to rebel and do editing.  We’ll just see how things go.

So!  That’s where I am.  How about you guys out in readerland – how went your CampNaNo, and what plans have you for whatever you worked on there?

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