A Writing Status Update

Well, I blinked and now it’s almost July.  Funny how that happens, isn’t it?

July is this year’s second CampNaNo, one that I will not be participating in.  I think (but don’t quote me on it) that most years I only end up doing one of the Camps anyhow, and this year I got it out of the way with a mostly disappointing April.

Oh, except I finished the first draft of a novel, which is always a good, if daunting, feeling.  The entire time I was writing it, finishing the draft felt like this wondrous end-goal, if I could just there then everything would be awesome (cue The Lego Movie theme song here).

Well, I’m rereading it now, when I can squeeze in the time, and I can pretty definitively say that everything is not awesome.  There is the definite potential for awesome, but it’s currently buried beneath a mountain of mediocre words and ideas.

So the next step is to pull out the shiny bits and reform them into something beautiful (or at least a little more cohesive), a magical process occasionally referred to as “editing”.  I hear tell that editing can fix all manner of sins, which is good, because this draft has them, and a few that I wasn’t entirely sure was possible before I started.

Isn’t learning fun?!

Sarcasm set aside (or at least toned down), this does mean that my current writing focus is editing, not the production of words on a new story, so the word-focused deadline of Camp just doesn’t fit well what I want to do.  I could, perhaps, find a different way to count what I’m doing and maybe a stab in the dark at estimating what a good goal would be, but it seems like rather a lot of work for little reward, especially as I won’t be joining a cabin.

Plus, at some point, I really ought to get good at this whole “writing consistently” thing without NaNo.  NaNo is fun, but doing NaNo doesn’t make one a serious writer (though it can help).

The minor difficulty here is that I have no idea how to edit, and there are about as many ways to edit as there are writers (and possibly more – some writers might work on different books in different ways).  So this will be a process of discovery, of figuring out what works well for me, and then (hopefully) sticking to it.

You know, in that abundance of free time that I have right now.

How about you guys?  Any of you planning on doing the CampNaNo thing, even if you’re doing it somewhat as a rebel?

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