A Slow Start

That might be putting it mildly.

I started (well, restarted (actually, to be technical, re-restarted)) my current WIP about a week ago.  And how much have I written, when I need to be doing a couple thousand words per day?

6,400 words.

That amount of time includes a weekend (in which I did the bulk of that).  That’s 3.5 scenes (there is an opening scene that may or may not stay, and is shorter).  I haven’t even started all of the threads yet.

Sometimes, when I am blocked, I can figure out why and correct the problem.  During NaNo, my progress ground to a halt (well, the first time) because there was a scene that I did NOT want to write (discussion over eugenics, abortion, what it takes to be human, the nature of the soul, etc).  When I skipped that scene, things got better.

This time, it isn’t a scene that I don’t want to write.  The best that I can think of is that it’s this part of the book that I don’t want to write, the beginning.  I want to skip to the cool parts, with aliens and zombies and superheroes (oh my!), and this is the boring set up.  But it’s important damn it, and not nearly as boring as I am making it out to be (it’s because I’ve written it before).

But I can’t get to the cool stuff until I get through this stuff.  I just need the get up and go to plow through it.  I know the scenes, so if I can just make myself sit down and type, they will be done quickly.  It’s just making myself care enough to do that that is hard.

This is also a good lesson for why I am a pantser.  If I already know everything that is going to happen, why go through all the work of writing to tell the story?  The thrill of discovery is part of the fun to me, the spontaneity of telling a good story.  I can only tell the story for the first time once, and I’d prefer that to be when I’m telling the story, not planning to tell it.

That aside aside, I need to get this done.  Grindstone, meet nose.  Let’s do this.

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