A Repurposing

So, this blog has been more or less ignored since its inception. I thought I would use it a couple times, but as it turns out…nope.

This time will be different, or at least I hope.
Since I am leaving a community of the writers that helped inspire me to this point with my writing, I wanted a different outlet to chart my progress, vent my frustrations, and celebrate my victories (usually on a ridiculous self-imposed challenge). Since not everyone that is a writing friend of mine is there anyhow, this is a much better way to communicate anyhow.
So what will be put here?
My thoughts about my writing, how my progress is going, etc etc. You won’t see samples here (I’m not that trusting, and write kind of a lot), and I probably will only ever even talk around the plot, but at least you can see where I am in my editing, writing, and maybe possibly even trying to get this beast published.
But I’m mostly pretending that that last one isn’t a real possibility šŸ˜›
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