A plan to plan

Because I plan to plan for NaNo 2012, I realized I needed a plan for this planning.  But I don’t have one yet, just a rough idea, though I plan to have a plan for planning for NaNo 2012 soon.

Now that the word “plan” has lost all meaning to you, let me tell you that I don’t mean “plot”.  I don’t plot.  I have no idea what will happen, and that’s just the way that I like it – it preserves the magic, the wonder of discovery that goes along with writing.  And I could post a slew of good quotes against plotting, but I’m lazy and not that contentious (I’m happy if it works for you, but it’s not for me).

But that doesn’t mean I can or should walk in totally unprepared.  I may not know what’s going to happen, but I need to know who is doing it.  Since I want to double-up novels this year for NaNo (sequentially, not simultaneously), that means even more characters that I have to know.

By my count, it’s 33.  21 of them for Bloodlines (though one or two may get dropped, and one or two more may show up), and 12 for Survivors (and I am sure there are more here).  There is zero overlap, and the stories have a very different feel (Epic Fantasy and an Urban SciFi (as in, predominantly contemporary real world, but with SciFi elements) survival) which helps a lot.  I’ve also got botched attempts at both of these (that, per NaNo rules, I won’t be referring to), so I my head around that pretty well.

But I also need to flesh out, to varying degrees (bullet points, because bullets are cool):

  • 24 kingdoms (only a few are important now (this one I will need the most help on))
  • 6 magical Bloodlines, and their effects
  • 5 different types of magic
  • A world history that led to the current chaos
  • One alien race of vast technological superiority
  • Research on a half dozen to dozen mental health conditions

So it should be fun and keep me busy.

But one of the fun things that I want to do, at least for all my POV characters (though I do a removed 3rd person, it definitely has a POV – if “movie camera” could be a voice, that is how I would be writing) is to write flash fiction with them/about them.  It keeps my writing skills up and gets me into their heads more.  Plus, I can explore back story, and that’s always fun.

NaNo may be a month and a half away, but I already have so much to do. And I want to!  Hopefully, that will lead to better success during NaNo itself.  We’ll see!


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