A March Challenge

So, February as a writing month was mostly a bust.  I got a little bit of non-writing stuff done, some coding designs and the like, but as far as words out on paper?  It’s not zero, but it’s not far off.

There are one or two good reasons and a whole lot of excuses, which mostly means that it’s time to turn that around.  Even though tomorrow is just another day, it’s also the start of a month, and as good of a time as any to try to get to writing.  These delineations in time may be artificial, but that doesn’t mean they’re not meaningful, and therefore can’t spur some activity.

So!  During March I will write.  Which is a vague, easily avoided goal, so let’s make it a bit more specific.

I’m wanting to get a good start on this novel (you know, the one I should have started a month ago?), to set me up for a good Camp Nano in April (I’ll be a Rebel, and trying to finish this).  If this novel runs as long as my novels tends to, it’ll be about 150k as a first-pass, so my goal for the month is 60,000 words.

It’s slightly higher than NaNo, but I also get an extra day.  It is less than 2,000 words a day, but I also am not going to commit to writing every day.  I know that I should, but I also know that if that is my goal and I miss a day, there is no recovery.  As in, if my goal is to write 2,000 words a day in March, and on the 2nd I don’t get my words in, I’ve got no way to meet my goal for the rest of the month.  Bad motivation, that.

I’ll be tweeting my progress nightly, as something to keep me accountable, and you can follow me there:  I’m @TravisMHicks.

To up my ante, I will give myself some sort of reward for this.  I have a game or two that I want, so that can motivate me well.  If I make my goal, I can buy the Runebound expansion I most want, and if I somehow hit 100k (not striving for it) I’ll throw in a nice bottle of Port.

Mmmm, Port.

And!  If you are interested in setting some sort of March goal, I will follow you and do my best to keep you honest, or at least encourage you.  So!  Who else wants to do some sort of March writing challenge?

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