A Change in Writing Plans

No, I’m not backing away from the lofty goals that I’ve set for myself, I’m merely redefining what it is that I mean to work on.  So, not how much, or to what end, just the what.

In my preparations for the next two months of writing madness, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on writing, as well as reviewing of my story, and I’ve come to the conclusion that rewriting/editing my 2012 NaNo is a little too daunting right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love the story.  It’s multi-perspective, which is a bit strange, and is actually what makes me not want to work on it yet.  Part of my focus this time around is a lot of character work, as that seems to be one of my (many) glaring weaknesses.  So I’m going through character-defining exercises, both those that I hear about and ones that are self-directed.

And really, doing that for 5-6 characters is enough.  It’s almost overwhelming right there, and that’s less than half of what I would have to do if I wanted to rewrite Survivors right now.  It’s too overwhelming for me to consider.

So instead, I’ll rewrite an old story with promise, one that I can better wrap my head around and move forward with.  Also, one with fewer characters to define, but still a rich internal/external struggle duality going on (which is one thing that I like about Survivors).

I’m going to rewrite my 2009 NaNo, better planned and better characterized.  If you’ve read it, you’ll be surprised about how much is changing – right down to the MC (which I am moving to Sarah – it always should have been her (oh, and she’s older now)).  Right now, I’m in the middle of realigning external events and mapping out her internal struggles, and it’s moving forward.

So I should be ready to start my rewrite on 2/1.  I have no idea how much I’m going to try to write over these two months.  The story is part of a trilogy, but closely tied together (certainly in time span), but I’m not sure I want to take on the task of writing all three in two months.  But who knows?  With the right reward/motivation, I might.

No, the series does not have a title yet.  Neither does the first book.  It will.

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