2013 Goals

I don’t do resolutions.  Normally, I don’t even do goals, because a year is a long time for me to look at.  Plus, goals/resolutions tend to break down to “I’m doing this EVERY DAY”, and I can’t even say I’m good at sleeping every day, let alone anything else.

So instead, using a handy new brainstorming system that I have (spoiler:  it’s a giant piece of paper, and that’s why it’s awesome), I’ve broken things down a little more.  I have an actual schedule for writing, and goals in a few other areas as well.

So, without further ado (other than my normal parenthetical asides), my goals for 2013:

Writing Goals

In short, I am devoting this year to heavy editing/revision work on Survivors, and adding to that getting out first drafts of three novels that I have started.  There will probably be work besides that, but that’s a good start.  In all, if I stick to this, I should write around 700k, with three first drafts and an (impossible!) third draft.


  • Reread and take notes, plan the rewrite – January
  • Rewrite – February/March
  • Editing, Round 1 – August/September
  • Polish, look for Betas – December

Blood Collection (name very subject to change)

  • Reread, take notes – 1st half of April
  • Rewrite – April/May

Haverford Lane

  • Reread, take notes – 1st half of June
  • Rewrite – June/July

Bloodlines 1

  • Serious world building, characterization – October
  • Writing – NaNo

Other Goals

Because not everything I am focusing on is actual writing.  Hell, some of it isn’t even writing related, which is a lot more impressive.


  • Have an alpha version of the writing program done by April’s Camp Nano
  • Have a beta version ready for use by others by NaNo proper


  • Average two updates a week
  • Follow more writers/writing blogs! (See this entry for what I mean)
  • Double my email followers by the end of the year


  • Read 24 books this year, at a minimum
  • At least 3/4 of them have to be new to me, or rereads of stories that I don’t have any memory of (because I read them when I was young, for instance)


  • Get in better shape – isn’t this everyone’s?  This is something I’m going to keep coming back to, though. This one ranks up there in importance almost as high as the writing stuff for me
  • Finish my dragon sculpture
  • Have a net positive worth – I only have two major debts, but I want to pay them off and save enough that, overall, in the black
  • Be awesome – I think this is the one I’ll have the least trouble with

So whew!  That’s a lot, I know.  I have an even more detailed view that I’m sparing you, though.

Do you have any resolutions or goals for the year?

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