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On Sucking at Writing

So, I have a link to share that I believe is making its way around the intertubes, something geared towards teenage writers.  I have two thoughts (well, two lines of thought), and they’re rather different. First, though, the post.  It’s … Continue reading

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NaNo Milestones

Yesterday, I passed two NaNo milestones that I thought were worth mentioning here. First, I surpassed last year’s total word count of 241,142 words.  This year has been miles better than last year, at least as far as writing goes. … Continue reading

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Week 3 Review

Week 3 (the first of two of them the way that I am counting weeks) is never a good one for me.  Really, it’s after that third weekend that NaNo feels like an uphill slog through the mud and whatever … Continue reading

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NaNo Novel 1

…is done! It doesn’t have the ending that I thought it would, to be honest.  It caught me by surprise until I was right upon it and realized how things needed to stop.  Where I stop recasts the focus, hopefully … Continue reading

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On Overachievers

There is a debate right now (and it is friendly and well-intentioned, so debate is the right word) about what the group of people who plan to write more than 50k during NaNoWriMo are supposed to call themselves.  The term … Continue reading

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NaNo Week 1 Review

For me, NaNo Week 1 ended on Sunday night, as the clock ticked from 11:59 to 12:00, but I’ve been a bit too busy writing other things to actually come write here. So far, I am on pace for my … Continue reading

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