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Fear Vomit

I’ve been thinking more about publishing recently around my tough schedule of not writing enough, and let me tell you, boy are my arms tired. Oh yeah, and I’m also kind of overwhelmed and terrified.  But mostly the tired arms … Continue reading

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So, I got a kitten!  She’s a tortie, 14 weeks old and just under three pounds.  She’s full of spunk and a little crazy (so, exactly my type). I have named her Zinaida DettaWalker, called Zinnie.  The first name is … Continue reading

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To reference the last entry, I think it’s about time to start putting myself out there as an author, not just some guy who likes to write.  You know, try the social media thing, at least in small doses (because … Continue reading

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Writing on my Mind

I’m at that point in my writing that I have to start thinking about what I want to do with it.   I don’t just mean whether or not I think a story is good enough for the big E (Editing), … Continue reading

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The Tacit Complicity of Silence

Those of you that know me at all know that I’m not big on voicing my political opinions on things.  It must be the Yankee in me (see, I’m not totally Southern), but I consider one’s politics about like one’s genitals: … Continue reading

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