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Camp NaNo

So, in the past few days, I have managed to convince myself to do Camp NaNo, and to do it seriously, with company.  I’m going to try to finish a book that it has taken me two months to barely … Continue reading

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I wrote some this weekend.  How much?  Well, by my estimates, it was anywhere between 2,000 and 10,000 words, but I could be wrong.  The fact that I don’t know is what I like most about it. How did I do … Continue reading

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How Overachieving Ruined my Perspective

If someone writing a lot of words during a month (whether it is more than you or not) and complaining about some of the downsides of that fact offends you, then please stop reading now.  Save us both the trouble … Continue reading

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An Article and Reaction

I read an article that you should go read before continuing this entry, if you haven’t read it already.  It’s about being busy, and how we fill our lives with that to pretend that our lives have meaning. Yeah, … Continue reading

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