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Lisey’s Story

I cannot say enough good about this book, and won’t try here.  I am just going to present some of the quotes from it, the ones I have marked with little scrids of paper.  I don’t think you need the … Continue reading

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The Honey Badger of Love

I have been thinking some about love recently (for those of you that know me at all well, this should not be a surprise in the least – it is often on my mind in some way or another).  I … Continue reading

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A Rant on Science and the Media

I like the media, at least in principal.  They tell me what’s going on in the world, and do research that I am too lazy to do but still care about.  They do have their uses and their good sides. … Continue reading

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On Leaving Facebook

I’ve been lazy about getting around to this entry, putting off writing it for longer than I should.  I don’t want to deactivate my account until I’ve written it, and had time to direct people here, but it’s not been … Continue reading

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A Rant on Temperature (Or: Why Your System Sucks)

The system that you use for temperature is stupid.  I don’t care if you use Celsius or Fahrenheit, it’s dumb.  It’s illogical (I will concede that C is more logical than F, but that only means you failed the test by less). … Continue reading

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February Retrospective, March Plans

First, like last month, the raw numbers: SS1:  78,430 HIOTR:  430 Flash Fic:  5,633 total So, over 80k this month, which is pretty darn good for a short month, again without the community effort that is so amazing during NaNo. … Continue reading

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