2012 – A Writerly Retrospective

Well, it’s been quite a year.  365 days of one, to be specific, of a year that I wanted to take to prove to myself that I could take writing seriously and explore whether or not it was something that I wanted to pursue professionally.

And how did I do?  I’m giving myself a B, perhaps a bit generously.

First, the numbers!

Thanks to participating in Get Your Words Out, I know that, as of now, I have written just over 560,000 words of original fiction (for certain definitions of original).  I finished the first drafts of two novels (Sensei’s Story, and Survivors), and worked seriously on two others (Blood Collector, and Haverford Lane).  The latter two are part of my goals for next year, and I consider them a success even if I didn’t finish them.

So that’s the good.  I wrote.  A lot.

And now for the bad.  I wasn’t a very consistent writer.  Half of my months were 10k or under; I just made up for it by being super productive in the other months.  In general, I don’t think that’s an awful strategy, but there was too much time off, not enough actual output.  Also, those breaks were breaks from writing completely, because of what else I didn’t do:  Edit.

I said in this entry that I wanted to spend this year concentrating on editing, but that very clearly didn’t happen.  I’m pretty sure that I thought about editing at least twice, but that’s about it.  This is a pretty glaring omission of my writing activity, and something that I’m looking to rectify next year (as you’ll see when I post about next year’s goals tomorrow).  But for this year?  No good.

On the other hand, it’s probably better than I’ve done before for a year, so I’ll take it.  I guess becoming a Real Writer (because no matter how successful I get, I will never be a Serious Writer – I have a novel with killer sand!) is more like a set of stairs than an elevator.  Steps up, slow progress, and hard work.

Time to climb more stairs, I think.

So, like I said, all in all I give myself a B.  How about you guys – how did you do meeting your writing goals for yourself?

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