11/11/11 Reunion Tour Part Deux

So!  Some time ago I proposed an 11/11/11 Reunion Tour on 5/11/12, that would be six months to the day after the original shenanigans (that I was around for very little of).  At the time, it was a good idea with very little details, but now is the time that more details are needed, I do believe.

The first, and most important, question is:  how many of ya’ll are still interested in this and would be able to attend?  And before you answer this, who all was there last time?  I was only there for a little bit last time, and spent most of my time with just a few people, not really meeting or getting to know many of the attendees (there were so many new faces!).

As for a second question, if we do this, what should we do?  A movie in the hotel room, projected on the wall and livetweeted by the participants was suggested, and I brought up the idea of a picnic.  Would we be interested in writing at all, or all drinking and hanging out and such?

Also, while my original proposal was for a reunion on the six month anniversary, in talking with Raq, we had an idea that could either be this event, or a side event.

Basically, we want to do a writer’s retreat, probably in June (that would overlap with Camp Nano for those of you that are doing it, at least if Camp Nano is when I think it is).

We would get a cabin in the woods one weekend, all show up, and then write our hearts out.  Seriously, hours of writing in the morning, a break for lunch, hours of writing in the evening, and then dinner.  Evenings would probably be more social, but the point of the retreat would be a Brobdingnagian amount of words (or at least serious progress on a work).

Are either of these things something that you’d be interested in?  Both?  And who all should be invited for June?  I was a satellite to the original event, so I’m probably the wrong person to be organizing, but I’ll get a hotel room for the weekend (that people are welcome to crash in if they need/want to).  And if we do get together on 5/11/12, what should we do for that weekend?

Consider this post the start of official organizing, and vote as follows:  5/11/12, June Retreat, or both, and ideas for each.  And make sure that everyone involved in the last one knows, k?

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