11/11/11 Reunion Tour Definitive Plans


So, I’ve booked my hotel room for the 11/11/11 Reunion Tour.  I’ll be staying there 5/11 and 5/12, leaving around lunch time on the 13th.  I’m staying at the same place I did last time (which I’ve already forgotten, but will get before I leave), though I obviously don’t know my room number yet.  I’ll probably get there in the early evening, as I can only leave work so early (and check-in doesn’t start until 3pm anyhow).

As for the plans while there, that I am less sure of.

I will bring my projector and speakers and all, so that we can try to get a movie showing to Real-Life Drunken Live Tweet, but if you’ll remember from last time, they were kind of bitchy about the noise, so we’ll see how that works out.  We can try, at any rate.  I have no idea what movie we would see, either.

Saturday there was mention of a picnic or BBQ or some such?  Something outdoorsy that afternoon would be fun.

Besides those two, I don’t have much planned.  My default setting will be trying to get writing done, so if you’d like to be around outside of those times for writing motivation, you are more than welcome.

Most importantly, I have no idea who all should be invited/told about this, as I only really met about half the people there last time, so you Atlanta people spread the word!  I’ll be there and enjoying myself anyway about it, but good company is always appreciated.

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