11/11/11 Reunion Movie Plans

Hello again!

So, one of the things that I posted about is a meatspace Drunken Livetweet of some awful movie.  That has not changed.  In fact, it has gotten better AND more specific.

First of all, Sushi offered her place up, which helps with the noise thing at the hotel (I can still bring my projector and such).   So that will give us a more relaxed setting, and yay to her!

Rachel had a few good movie suggestions (well, a few good suggestions for bad movies), and after all is said and done, I think I’ve settled on the last one.  The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers movie.  Because it is our childhood, and so cheesy, and kind of just perfect.

But then, her and I had an addition today that just makes the night:  whatever it is that you drink, it has to be in the color of one of the rangers (we do not all have to be different ones).  It does not have to be booze (though, with the movie, that is recommended), and most of it will be done by mixer or food coloring.  The only hard one is white, and piña colada solves that.

So prepare yourselves, if you dare.

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