11/11/11 Part 2 – Electric Boogaloo

On 11/11/11, a group of overachieving NaNo writers got together and wrote very little (and had a good time doing it!).  I was only there for part of it, and missed probably most of the fun, but loved the idea of it.

So now I would like to organize a reunion tour of sorts.  Not during NaNo times, because I am impatient and November is crazy busy.  So instead of November, I am thinking May (11th).

“May?!” I hear you say.  “There are no writing events in May!  March (EdMo), April (Screnzy), June (Camp Nano), July (Camp Nano), and November (Nano), sure, but May?!”  And to that I say, hush you with your logic.

The upside to May 11th is that it is 6 months after 11/11/11 and a Friday.  At least for most people, May isn’t quite as busy (the 11th should be after most (US) colleges are out (though I don’t know how many of your are in college still)).  It also tends to be pretty outside, which allows for outdoor stuffs (Writing Picnic?! Okay!).

I’m not sure what my activity would be in my Year Of Writing.  I will probably be editing, and *may* be gearing up for a Camp Nano run to write another novel (because practice makes perfect), but that would be planning, mostly (unless I get impatient and start early).

So what say you, NaNo Overachievers?  11/11/11 Reunion tour in May?  Let me know (here or elsewhere) if my proposed date works for you, if you’d like to do this, what ideas you have, your credit card info/SSN, or any alternate suggestions.

Writing aHOY!

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